Spring Resolve

It all occurred to me at once last week when we had a spell of 50 degree F temperatures after a long draught of bitter climate as cold as 2 degrees. It was a beautiful Saturday with snow melting everywhere. The sun was out and the air was unbelievably fresh. It was a day that really made you feel alive.

I got out of the apartment and took a nice long walk at Westerville, Ohio’s stunning Innis Woods Metro park and then drove out in the country with my windows down. This was a day of change. You could almost smell Life itself in the breeze as the earth thawed and the snow melted. You could almost hear the trees and grasses – like they were waking up from a long nap. It was like… Spring.

With all of this change and suggestions of growth and life that will be here in just a few short weeks, I had to wonder, why in the heck do we make our New Year’s resolutions in the dead of winter?

Seriously, what changes on the 2nd of January when you wake up after deciding to do ‘this’ or stop doing ‘that’? Nothing. Does anything in your environment give any hint that something has changed along with your decision or supports it in any way? Why not follow natures natural course and make these commitments of change in the Spring?

Come to think of it, why don’t we just make the first day of spring the First of the Year? Doesn’t that make sense and agree with everything else in life? You’re born (Spring), you grow up, become strong and do lots of things (Summer), you age and get slower but you’re a lot smarter (Fall), then your leaves drop, the cold comes and you die.  So, what is the reason for changing years in the middle of the dead of winter. What a ridiculous idea.

But, since you and I are not going to be able to change that small detail in our lifetime, the least we can do is to take the time to reflect and change things in our life in the Spring time, when all of God’s beautiful creation does.


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