The Simple Solution for Gay Rights

As Gays everywhere cheer on the state of Massachusetts for suing the United States government over the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, I have to wonder in amazement that no one has yet uncovered the unmistakably simple solution to this conflict.

Use a different term than “marriage”. Call it anything – like a “Civil Partnership”. That’s it? Yep. That’s it. That will do the job.

The problem in today’s culture is NOT an unwillingness to allow homosexual couples the same government sanctioned benefits as heterosexual couples, but an unwillingness to change the meaning of a word with thousands of years of tradition and faith behind it.

Two groups of people have conflicting interest, and thus far it would seem that the government has taken the side of Christians / traditionalists. The solution is not to go to the other extreme and say that Christians (and others, I know) can no longer claim that a marriage is between one man and one woman, but to find a balance and meet in the middle.

Now, I agree, if Christians want to keep their word “marriage”, and our government is supposed to be separated from ‘church’, then it should get rid of the word “marriage” and replace it with an all-inclusive word, like “Civil-Partnership”.

Then anyone can call it whatever the hell they want off the record.


One response to “The Simple Solution for Gay Rights

  1. i thought about writing an article called “the simple solution for randy” but i couldn’t think of anything to write. but thought i would share that i thought about it. 🙂

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